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Simplifying Wolt's order processes

When scaling and streamlining operations around the brand, it’s critical to minimise manual excel work, non-core-business tasks and email hassle. We helped a food delivery company Wolt streamline and scale its operations to 4 continents.

Wolt, a Helsinki based unicorn food delivery app unicorn, delivers food and other goods through its fantastic mobile applications and processes now in over 20 countries.

Back in 2019 when we started our collaboration, Wolt was looking to find a digital solution to help them to control all their physical brand assets like courier gear, devices and restaurant marketing materials. And to streamline the manual hassle with orders and logistics.

Now when we have scaled our operations to more than 20 countries, we realised that we couldn’t handle brand collateral orders and deliveries via Slack or emails. In 2019, we placed orders for over half a million items.
— Juho Uitti, Central Sales & Partnerships Manager at Wolt.


All branded items. From all suppliers and warehouses. In one place.

Since 2019, we have onboarded hundreds of Wolt users across 23 countries and four continents to use the Framme Store solution. With the cloud-based software, Wolt team members can order all brand assets from all their suppliers and warehouses easily to the right locations.

Users can see the up-to-date collaterals and campaign items in the correct local languages, view stock values immediately and place orders. Costs can be allocated immediately to the right cost centres too.

During our collaboration, we also integrated the Framme Store solution into Wolt’s 3rd party logistics provider to help automate order fulfilment and inventory checking.

Sam and the Brand's super easy-to-use order management tool adapts constantly to our changes and requests. It is exactly the tool we were looking for and even securing our +400M€ funding without this store wouldn’t have been possible.
— Juho Uitti, Central Sales & Partnerships Manager at Wolt.


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