About us

Our mission

Build meaningful brands in an increasingly sustainable way.

Sam and the Brand was founded to tackle the challenge many brand marketers have: losing time with poor processes, producing unwanted promotional products or making too many one-off campaigns that are not environmentally friendly. 

Who's Sam?

The story behind our name

Our co-founder Jani's older brother was called Sami. Sami worked in marketing and printing in Helsinki and was often way too busy with many tasks at hand. Joggling between projects. Handling orders.

With Sam and the Brand, we want to help a new generation of brand builders and marketers save time and resources with smarter, digitised processes, recommendations, integrations and data. 

Creating modern end-to-end workflows that combine core business tools together seamlessly. Today we're not there, but that's our goal.

So that brand builders have more time for things that matter the most – whether it's the campaign strategy or spending time with their own families.

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