One digital tool for all your physical brand materials and gifting.

We help busy teams simplify physical brand material distribution and create personal brand experiences with their customers, brand ambassadors, retail partners and own employees.

Trusted by brands of all shapes and sizes.

Three common challenges we keep hearing from brand builders.

"Due to unsuitable tools, we lose 2 days every month."

Using spreadsheets and email, clunky ERPs or multiple ordering tools to place marketing material and employee branding orders leads to messy processes and losing time.

"Keeping brand consistent is hard."

When brands grow and scale to multiple markets or operate with many retailers, keeping a brand consistent and not over-producing materials can become challenging.

"We don't have data or a 360 view." 

Without data, it's impossible to set goals and aim for measurable improvements; optimise order quantities, ROI of marketing, reduce waste or calculate footprint. 

What can brand builders do about it?

Solution — 01

Manage all your brand and marketing materials from a single place.

Control, order and distribute all your physical brand and marketing materials and merchandise from one platform to save time and to keep the brand consistent.

Solution — 02

Produce and send only wanted POS, marketing and onboarding items or corporate gifts. 

Send 'Magic links' to your customers, retailer partners, ambassadors or own staff to choose what items and sizes to order from your selected materials to reduce waste.

Solution — 03

Collect and use data to reduce costs and waste.

Once all brand materials are in one place, you'll see the full picture including stock values, inventory turnover and costs of marketing. Then it's easier to improve.

What do we believe in?

Marketing is a waste if it's not impactful and sustainable.

Sam and the Brand's ideology is shaped by people and the planet.

We believe brands can build great relationships and win the hearts of customers and own employees by

  • producing fewer one-off marketing campaigns,
  • not making well-thought-though items,
  • but by investing in quality materials and taking responsibility,
  • and simplifying work for their people. 
Sam can help brands simplify processes.

Get started with 4 simple steps.

01 — List your current items

List your current brand marketing items and merchandise from all of your suppliers and warehouses. 

02 — Import list

Upload the list to Sam or talk to our team. We'll set up the platform for you within a few hours.

03 — Connect suppliers

We'll then connect your suppliers to our platform or connect you with new sustainable producers.

04 — Invite users and relax

You are all set! If you want to allow your team to order, just invite them in or send them a 'Magic link' to order.  


Start transforming how your marketing team and processes work.

Read how we helped fast-growing brands like Wolt, Xiaomi and Yeply optimise their promotional item, marketing material, retail element and workwear orders with our solution.

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